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Google 5-star Review

"MathPro has been a great resource for our daughter who is taking Grade 12 Math 30-1 this semester. Midway through the term, she realized she needed help in understanding the foundation concepts taught in grades 10 and 11, which she missed due to the affects of two concussions. Her tutor at Mathpro has been a great match for her and together they have moved her unit test marks from the low seventies to the latest mark of 95. We will continue with MathPro until completion of the Math Diploma Exam in June."

- Libby Sally Laycraft (2018)

BBB 5-star Review

"After wasting my money on private home based tutors for years – who I basically just paid to do my kids homework – I needed to find a tutor that was going to help my son make it into University… When I found MathPro I was skeptical at first… MathPro promised high results when other similar tutoring companies would not, plus the cost was a little more expense then the regular tutors – so the bar was set high right from the start………SO I am pleased to say that they did not disappoint… My son is in Grade 12, Math 30-1, and has grades have never be high and his confidence about being the “smart kid in class” is great to see."

- Melanie G (2018)

Facebook 5-star Recommendation

"Our son was struggling with Math and after trying other tutoring services that did not help much we turned to Math Pro to help him through Math 30. Much care and attention was given to matching our son with a tutor who would work well with our son’s learning style and personality and we have been very happy with his match. In fact, it is the first time our son has spoken favorably about a tutor and not complained about attending sessions. His marks have gone up dramatically and it has been wonderful watching our son’s confidence soar now that he is doing so well. We highly recommend Math Pro! The experience has been positive in every way.."

- Dawn Sanson (2017)

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