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Alberta Math Curriculum

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Alberta Math Curriculum Grade 11

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  • Sequences and Series
  • Trigonometry
  • Quadratic Functions
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Radical Expressions/Equations
  • Rational Expressions/Equations
  • Absolute Value and Reciprocal Functions
  • Systems of Equations
  • Linear and Quadratic Inequalities
  • Quadratic Functions and Equations
  • Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
  • Statistics / Probabilities
  • Angles, Triangles and Trigonometry
  • Radicals
  • Measurement and Proportional Reasoning


  • Unit rates
  • Scale drawings and scale factors


  • Solve linear equations
  • Solve linear equations: word problems
  • Solve absolute value equations
  • Graph solutions to absolute value equations


  • Graph a linear inequality in one variable
  • Graph a linear inequality in two variables
  • Write inequalities from graphs
  • Write a linear inequality: word problems
  • Solve linear inequalities
  • Graph solutions to linear inequalities
  • Solve absolute value inequalities
  • Graph solutions to absolute value inequalities
  • Graph solutions to quadratic inequalities
  • Solve quadratic inequalities


  • Domain and range
  • Identify functions
  • Evaluate functions
  • Find the slope of a linear function
  • Graph a linear function
  • Write the equation of a linear function
  • Linear functions over unit intervals

Systems of equations

  • Is (x, y) a solution to the system of equations?
  • Solve a system of equations by graphing
  • Solve a system of equations by graphing: word problems
  • Find the number of solutions to a system of equations
  • Classify a system of equations
  • Solve a system of equations using substitution
  • Solve a system of equations using substitution: word problems
  • Solve a system of equations using elimination
  • Solve a system of equations using elimination: word problems
  • Solve a system of equations using any method
  • Solve a system of equations using any method: word problems
  • Solve a non-linear system of equations

Systems of inequalities

  • Is (x, y) a solution to the system of inequalities?
  • Solve systems of inequalities by graphing
  • Find the vertices of a solution set
  • Linear programming


  • Factor monomials
  • Factor quadratics
  • Factor using a quadratic pattern
  • Factor by grouping
  • Factor sums and differences of cubes
  • Factor polynomials

Quadratic relations

  • Characteristics of quadratic functions
  • Complete a function table: quadratic functions
  • Find a quadratic function
  • Graph a quadratic function
  • Match quadratic functions and graphs
  • Solve a quadratic equation using square roots
  • Solve a quadratic equation using the zero product property
  • Solve a quadratic equation by factoring
  • Complete the square
  • Solve a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula
  • Using the discriminant


  • Identify the direction a parabola opens
  • Find the vertex of a parabola
  • Find the axis of symmetry of a parabola
  • Write equations of parabolas in vertex form from graphs
  • Write equations of parabolas in vertex form using properties
  • Graph parabolas


  • Polynomial vocabulary
  • Add and subtract polynomials
  • Multiply a polynomial by a monomial
  • Multiply two binomials
  • Multiply two binomials: special cases
  • Multiply polynomials
  • Divide polynomials using long division

Radical functions and expressions

  • Roots of integers
  • Roots of rational numbers
  • Find roots using a calculator
  • Nth roots
  • Simplify radical expressions with variables I
  • Simplify radical expressions with variables II
  • Multiply radical expressions
  • Divide radical expressions
  • Add and subtract radical expressions
  • Simplify radical expressions using the distributive property
  • Simplify radical expressions using conjugates
  • Domain and range of radical functions
  • Solve radical equations

Rational exponents

  • Evaluate rational exponents
  • Multiplication with rational exponents
  • Division with rational exponents
  • Power rule
  • Simplify expressions involving rational exponents I
  • Simplify expressions involving rational exponents II

Rational functions and expressions

  • Rational functions: asymptotes and excluded values
  • Evaluate rational expressions I
  • Evaluate rational expressions II
  • Simplify rational expressions
  • Multiply and divide rational expressions
  • Add and subtract rational expressions
  • Solve rational equations

Exponential functions

  • Evaluate exponential functions
  • Match exponential functions and graphs
  • Solve exponential equations
  • Identify linear and exponential functions
  • Exponential functions over unit intervals
  • Describe linear and exponential growth and decay
  • Exponential growth and decay: word problems
  • Compound interest: word problems
  • Continuously compounded interest: word problems

Angle measures

  • Quadrants
  • Graphs of angles
  • Coterminal angles
  • Reference angles

Right triangles

  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Converse of the Pythagorean theorem
  • Pythagorean Inequality Theorems
  • Special right triangles


  • Trigonometric ratios: sin, cos and tan
  • Trigonometric ratios: csc, sec and cot
  • Trigonometric ratios in similar right triangles
  • Find trigonometric ratios using the unit circle
  • Sin, cos, and tan of special angles
  • Csc, sec, and cot of special angles
  • Find trigonometric functions using a calculator
  • Inverses of sin, cos, and tan
  • Inverses of csc, sec, and cot
  • Solve trigonometric equations I
  • Solve trigonometric equations II
  • Trigonometric ratios: find a side length
  • Trigonometric ratios: find an angle measure
  • Solve a right triangle
  • Law of Sines
  • Law of Cosines
  • Solve a triangle
  • Area of a triangle: sine formula
  • Area of a triangle: Law of Sines

Two-dimensional figures

  • Polygon vocabulary
  • Interior angles of polygons
  • Perimeter
  • Area of triangles and quadrilaterals
  • Area and perimeter in the coordinate plane I
  • Area and perimeter in the coordinate plane II
  • Area and circumference of circles
  • Area of compound figures
  • Area between two shapes
  • Area and perimeter of similar figures
  • Classify quadrilaterals
  • Properties of parallelograms

Three-dimensional figures

  • Three-dimensional figure vocabulary
  • Parts of three-dimensional figures
  • Nets and drawings of three-dimensional figures
  • Introduction to surface area and volume
  • Surface area of prisms and cylinders
  • Surface area of pyramids and cones
  • Volume of prisms and cylinders
  • Volume of pyramids and cones
  • Surface area and volume of spheres
  • Introduction to similar solids
  • Surface area and volume of similar solids
  • Surface area and volume review
  • Cross-sections of three-dimensional figures
  • Solids of revolution

Congruent figures

  • Congruence statements and corresponding parts
  • Solve problems involving corresponding parts
  • Identify congruent figures
  • SSS and SAS Theorems
  • ASA and AAS Theorems
  • SSS, SAS, ASA and AAS Theorems
  • SSS Theorem in the coordinate plane
  • Congruency in isosceles and equilateral triangles
  • Hypotenuse-Leg Theorem


  • Classify triangles
  • Triangle Angle-Sum Theorem
  • Midsegments of triangles
  • Triangles and bisectors
  • Identify medians, altitudes, angle bisectors and perpendicular bisectors
  • Angle-side relationships in triangles
  • Triangle Inequality Theorem


  • Identify similar figures
  • Similarity ratios
  • Similarity statements
  • Side lengths and angle measures in similar figures
  • Similar triangles and indirect measurement
  • Perimeters of similar figures
  • Similarity rules for triangles
  • Similar triangles and similarity transformations
  • Similarity of circles
  • Triangle Proportionality Theorem
  • Areas of similar figures


  • Identify hypotheses and conclusions
  • Counterexamples
  • Truth tables
  • Truth values
  • Conditionals
  • Negations
  • Converses, inverses and contrapositives
  • Biconditionals

Sequences and series

  • Classify formulas and sequences
  • Find terms of an arithmetic sequence
  • Find terms of a geometric sequence
  • Find terms of a recursive sequence
  • Evaluate formulas for sequences
  • Write a formula for an arithmetic sequence
  • Write a formula for a geometric sequence
  • Write a formula for a recursive sequence
  • Sequences: mixed review
  • Introduction to sigma notation
  • Identify arithmetic and geometric series
  • Find the sum of a finite arithmetic or geometric series
  • Introduction to partial sums
  • Partial sums of arithmetic series
  • Partial sums of geometric series
  • Partial sums: mixed review
  • Convergent and divergent geometric series
  • Find the value of an infinite geometric series
  • Write a repeating decimal as a fraction


  • Introduction to probability
  • Calculate probabilities of events
  • Permutations
  • Counting principle
  • Permutation and combination notation
  • Find probabilities using permutations and combinations
  • Find probabilities using two-way frequency tables
  • Identify independent events
  • Probability of independent and dependent events
  • Find conditional probabilities
  • Independence and conditional probability
  • Find conditional probabilities using two-way frequency tables
  • Find probabilities using the addition rule
  • Find probabilities using the normal distribution

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