MathPro Kids’ Coding Curriculum

Beginner level consists of the following elements, administrated thru an online game-based learning system. No computer coding experience needed. Students are usually limited by typing skills. Exposure to keyboard general typing is desirable. This a Python-language camp.

  • Grade 4 or above
  • 1:6 teacher student ratio
  • Integrated Basic Typing Lessons
  • Basic Syntax, Arguments, and Strings
  • Place game objects
  • Construct mazes
  • Create a playable, sharable game
  • Use of If (conditional) Statements
  • Use of Functions
  • Use of Parameters
  • Basic Input Handling
  • Basic Game AI
  • Reward: Multi-Player Arena Level


Intermediate level consists of modules that allow students to enhance text-based coding to create a more dynamic exciting battle game. This a Python-language camp.
Pre-requisite: Beginner or Some exposures to text-based coding in Javascript or Python

  • Grade 4 or above
  • 1:6 teacher student ratio
  • Integrated Intermediate Typing Lessons
  • Arithmetic
  • Input Handling
  • Control Flow
  • Nest Conditional
  • Boolean Logic
  • Object Literals
  • For Loops
  • Nest While Loops
  • Arrays
  • Optimization
  • Objects
  • Reward: Multi-Player Arena Level

Advanced level consists of modules with advanced topics, that allow students to ultimately design their own games in the most exciting creative ways imaginable. This a Python-language camp. Note that this camp covers advanced topics, which can be very challenging at times.
Pre-requisite: Intermediate or some formal training with text-based coding in Javascript or Python

  • Grade 6 or above
  • Modulo for Arrays
  • Array push
  • 2D Array Access
  • Clock
  • Advanced co-ordinates
  • Array Search
  • Other advanced topics

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