Code-for-Hope Registration Guide

Welcome to Code-for-Hope self-serve registration system

The entire process takes about 10 minutes, provided you already decided on which course(s) to register. If you wish to register higher level courses, please have a plan B. Registration is on a First-Come-First-Serve basis.

Before you start, make a plan about which course(s) you’d like to book.
Please note that we request a $50.00 donation to Alberta Children’s Hospital. 

Although we are unable to refund your donation, please contact us in case you cannot make it to the course. We will offer the opportunity to another student.

The registration divides into three parts

  1. Create an account in our registration portal (if you don’t already have an account)
  2. Register course(s)
  3. Make a donation to Alberta Children’s Hospital (link provided)

Important information:

  • Create one account for each child
  • Each account must have a unique working email address
  • Each account can register multiple courses, but only one slot in each course
  • Fill out the registration form using your child’s name
  • For emergency purpose, register your cell phone number

Sortable Timetable

OrderCamp DatesLocationLevelTime
1July 4-7NorthBeginner9am-12pm
2July 4-7NorthBeginner1pm-4pm
3July 10-14NorthBeginner1pm-4pm
4July 10-14NorthIntermediate9am-12pm
5July 17-21NorthIntermediate1pm-4pm
6July 24-28NorthAdvanced9am-12pm
7July 17-21SouthBeginner9am-12pm
8July 24-28SouthBeginner1pm-4pm
9July 24-28SouthIntermediate9am-12pm
10July 31-Aug 4SouthIntermediate1pm-4pm
11Aug 8-11SouthAdvanced1pm-5pm
12July 31-Aug 4WestBeginner1pm-4pm
13Aug 8-11WestBeginner8:30am-12pm
14Aug 14-18WestBeginner9am-12pm
15Aug 8-11WestIntermediate1pm-5pm
16Aug 14-18WestIntermediate9am-12pm
17Aug 21-25WestAdvanced9am-12pm

Step-by-Step Registration Guide
(to be completed under 10 minutes)

Step 1: On your desktop browser, go to 

Step 2:
If you have an account with us (existing or old students), click Log Me In, skip to Step 4
If you are new to MathPro, click ‘Sign Up

Step 3:
Fill out the registration form using with student’s First Name and Last Name but your own contact information (see below in RED)

Step 4: Select a Location, Category (Code for Hope) then pick a Course. 

Step 5: Select a Date and Time (Repeat if you wish to book addition classes)

Step 6: Verify Details and Book Appointment!

Step 7: Make a donation
Navigate to
Click on ‘Make a Donation’

Step 8: Select ‘Make a Personal Donation’

Step 9: Fill out information and follow NEXT prompt

Register Now