Why should I trust MathPro?

We have helped over 4000 students since 2004, spending hundreds of hours on researching, testing and refining our unique Goal-Oriented approach. Our Award Winning Service is backed by hundreds of Verifiable Testimonials. No one in Calgary even come close to our size, volume, experience and success rate.

What awards did MathPro win?

We won a number of awards in multiple years; Consumer Choice Award and Top Choice Award in 2017, 2018 and 2019. TOP 3 in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

What are MathPro’s core values?

Promote Independent Learning – be a competent learner

Take Personal Responsibility – take on challenges voluntarily

Embrace Accountability – to be held accountable

Are the testimonials verifiable?

We have over 500 genuine verifiable testimonials from BBBFacebookGoogle reviewsYellowpages and Yelp. Each testimonial can be verified on the platform of which it was originally posted.

What kind of tutoring program does MathPro offer?

We provide One on One (with true One to One ratio) customized in-house tutor. No group classes, no home visits.

  1. Goal-Oriented Customized 1-on-1 (true 1-to-1 ratio) Program
  2. Same tutor policy*
  3. No long-term contract (renewable 4-week payment cycle)
  4. Best matching tutor not based on luck but a multi-factorial metric system based on studying, teaching styles and personalities, etc.
  5. Progress Tracking – Proprietary digital progress reports with learning metrics delivering to parents and students
  6. Result – Boosting an average of 20% in 6 to 8 weeks
  7. All staff are employees, not contractors


What’s the 1-hour Free Consultation about?

Consultation is free with no obligation attached.

It consists of:

  1. Profile Building (35-question interview)
  2. Goals Setting (Clear and measurable)
  3. Roadmap Planning (Identify timeline and the finish line)
  4. Best Tutor Matching (Assign regular tutor*)
  5. Progress Tracking with measurable metrics (Establish accountability)


No in-home services?

We don’t provide in-home service.

The reasons are simple:

  • good tutors do not travel
  • distracted students learn best in a controlled environment at our locations
  • tutors are staff, not contractors

We provided in-home service for about 6 months back in 2006 but the results was unsatisfactory. Both in-home and in-house program were parallel run, just as any experiment relying on random sample technique. During the same time, about 55% of our in-home students failed to reach their goals, compare to only 5% for those attended regular sessions at our locations. We generally find students learning a lot better at MathPro’s office with much higher level of concentration.

For students who travel to our learning centres, we were able to pair them with the best possible tutors out of a pool of available tutors who wanted to work back-to-back. Traveling tutors, unfortunately, tended to have much higher turnover and therefore, students’ progressed much slower. The pool of matching tutors was much smaller to start with. No tutors wanted to travel 45 minutes to work for work for merely 1 hour.

Is MathPro a franchise like Kumon or Sylvan?

MathPro is NOT a franchise. We are locally owned, helped over 2000 students in Calgary since 2004. We have over 197 genuine testimonials since 2012, when we started collecting.

How will I know my child is really making progress?

At MathPro, we believe the most effective kind of learning starts with good planning. We adopt a unique approach to tutor.

Four most important elements are:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Success Planning
  3. Best Tutor Matching
  4. Progress Monitoring

1. Goals Setting: Realistic and identifiable goals are established

2. Success Planning: Based on goals identified, a working plan which often involves studying habit adjustment and frequency of tutoring, will be presented to you.

3. Best Tutor Matching: When a plan is agreed on, the best matching tutor will be picked to implement the plan

4. Progress Monitoring: We take this seriously. A progress report will be prepared by tutor after each session and can be viewed in Student Hub. Access to all progress reports sorted chronologically can help you to establish trends. In addition, we developed and employ several metrics to track and evaluate each student’s progress individually based on goals and planning. When a student failing to meet certain goals (school test scores) or scoring poorly on any one of the metrics, you and management will be notified immediately. Management will contact you for further corrective actions. No one is left behind.

Goal setting, success planning and best tutoring matching is covered in the free initial consultation. Send us an inquiry on the right. We will respond promptly.

I want my child to have FULL INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION from the SAME TUTOR, each time, and during the ENTIRE SESSION. Can MathPro provide that?

If you ask this question, you must have used other tutoring services coming out disappointed right from the beginning.

MathPro provides One-on-One tutoring with One-to-One ratio. We believe learning is personal. Our tutors are trained to do just that. Better yet, your child will be helped by the same tutor each time.

Do you switch tutor?

No. The same regular tutor is assigned to your child. Basically, your child will see the same tutor each time*.

*The only exception is when regular tutor is sick or unavailable one time, we find you a sub tutor with equal calibre.

Can I switch tutor? Can I choose my own tutor?

Absolutely! If our matching does not work (less than 1%), not adding value to your child’s education, we would not have over 245 Success Stories. No long-term contract. We have a pool of 59 tutors to choose from.

Are MathPro’s tutors contractors?

No, they are not contractors. All MathPro’s tutors are in-house employees. As employees, our management have full controls of their activities at MathPro. We are able to implement changes much more effective than contractors.

How long is the initial commitment?

We do not ask for long-term commitment. We only ask you to try for roughly one-month 4 sessions if it’s for once a week appointment schedule. After the first cycle, the second cycle will be another 4 sessions. You don’t pay more than 4 weeks at a time (keeping once a week appointment).

We believe in the force of the market. If you don’t think we are effective after 4 sessions, fire us!

How often does my child need to attend tutoring?

We hate to tell you “two or three tutoring sessions per week are recommended”. Any generalization is inadequate.

The frequency of tutoring depends on how much of a difference you expect to see within the pre-determined time-horizon. Some students need once a week of tutoring (consistency is important) while others need 3 times a week. Luckily, we do the planning for you before signing up in our free consultation.

What’s the length of each session?

Each session is 90 minutes. We found that it is the most effective time slot even for lower grade students. It often eliminates the need for a second appointment in the same week, helping to lower your overall cost.

Can I make cancellations online?

Absolutely! We use a state-of-the-art online scheduling portal to manage hundreds and thousands of sessions each month between different locations. You will have access to all upcoming sessions 24/7 and make cancellations any time for your convenience.

An email reminder will be sent to your inbox 2 calendar days prior to scheduled session. Appointments can be cancelled online or on any of your mobile devices. No question asked.

Can MathPro guarantee results?

MathPro will not, and cannot guarantee results. The reality is that MathPro does not complete homework and write exams for students. Ultimately, we believe it is the students’ responsibility to learn and achieve the desired academic outcomes. We have the most generous renewal policy in the industry (service renewable every four weeks), allowing our clients to vote with their feet.


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