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Heartache seeing your kids struggle in Math?

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Posted On 2021-04-10


“Our daughter is more focused after a few sessions of tutoring for Chem 20 IB. Tutor ensures to review concepts taught in class to prepare her for tests. We appreciate the reports we receive after each session through the online account and the level of communication with the admin staff. We recommend their program.”

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Stefan A

Posted On 2021-03-29


“Tutoring for ********* 20 **** could see our daughter more focused and involved only after a few sessions. Her tutor always ensures to review concepts taught in class to prepare her for tests.We appreciate the feedback we receive after each session and the follow up phone call and the availability of the admin staff. We are planning to keep our daughter enrolled in the program. Highly recommended!”

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Ryan Ardron

Posted On 2021-04-07


“The tutor was very thorough and provided work at home between sessions. Greatly improved the math confidence and overall learning confidence of my child.