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Due to COVID, Coding Class has been suspended until further notice

Kids Classes

Learn to Code a Game, Compete with your Friends!

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Welcome to
Code Combat!


COVID Update

Due to COVID-19, MathPro will be hosting our Popular Summer Coding Class Online via Zoom

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Instructor Guide

Students will be guided by an instructor. Subject is paced according to designated level (see below) with speed control. Instructors have access to student progress and provide individual assistance when needed. Progress will be individually accessed and a final report card will be delivered to parents.

kids coding classes

Make Coding Fun

Students type real Python and JavaScript while playing games that encourage trial-and-error, critical thinking, and creativity. Students then apply the coding skills they’ve learned by developing their own games and websites in project-based subjects.

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One Week Long 2 hours daily Sessions
$149 CAD

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Kids Coding Classes Beginner


Kids coding Classs Intermediate


Kids Coding Classes Advanced


Yes, it is an instructor guided course with Assessment components. This is NOT a self-guided course.

Students completed Grade 3 and up to Grade 9

Zoom Capable Devices

Chromebook – Yes

PC – Yes

Mac – Yes

Tablet – No

Python and JavaScript

Thru PayPal or call 403-284-3111

(Payment Non-Refundable)

Register Online or Call (403)284-3111

You can be your own guiding star with our help!

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