Mock Exam

3 hour Mock Exam – Math 30-1

Thank you for your interest in our 3 hour Mock Exam for Math 30-1. At this time, only Math 30-1 is available.

This 3 hour mock exam is integrated with our regular one-on-one tutoring program.
We believe a mock Math 30-1 diploma exam is beneficial. After the exam is graded, the mistakes will be corrected and discussed in subsequent tutoring sessions. It works as one of the discovery tools to identify learning gaps.

Mock Diploma Exam – how it works:
It costs one session credit. With pre-arranged specific location, date, and time for a 3-hour diploma mock exam.

*** Important *** same 48 hours cancellation policy applies, treat this mock exam booking as one scheduled tutoring session.

Items to bring:

  1. Graphical Calculator
  2. Pencils
  3. Erasers

Mock exam will invigilated, timed for a maximum of three hours.
Please remember your routine assigned tutor is NOT going to be there during the mock exam.
Grades will be ready in 3 workdays.

The graded mock exam result and all papers that we collected will go to your regular assigned tutor. Tutor will then go through the mock exam in detail with the student during their routine sessions. Based on the Mock Exam result, we’ll focus on areas that we need to work more on and bridge the gap accordingly. Keep an eye on the routine progress reports, as your assigned tutor will add mock exam feedback there with the raw score.

Please make your reservation online with the provided link below and study hard before you write our diploma prep exam!
Please use the same login email address and password as Student Hub to login Online Calendar Portal to book online.
Or copy this hyperlink and paste it to your browser window:

RSVP by May 31st, 2017, Limited Availability, First Come First Serve.