One-2-One Awards Winning Approach:

  1. Goal-Oriented Customized 1-on-1 (true 1-to-1 ratio) Program
  2. Same tutor policy*
  3. No long-term contract (renewable 4-week payment cycle)
  4. Best matching tutor not based on luck but a multi-factorial metric system based individual profiling
  5. Progress Tracking – Proprietary digital progress reports with learning metrics delivering to parents and students
  6. Result – Boosting an average of 20% in 6 to 8 weeks
  7. All tutors are employees, not contractors

We have 65+ in-house tutors from diverse backgrounds, personalities and experiences

Our free initial consultation consists of:

  1. Profile Building (35-question interview)
  2. Goals Setting (Clear and measurable)
  3. Roadmap Planning (Identify timeline and the finish line)
  4. Best Tutor Matching (Assign regular tutor*)
  5. Progress Tracking with measurable metrics (Establish accountability)

*We don’t switch tutor unless regular tutor is away. Hence, a sub tutor will be brought in for one time.

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Our Awards Winning Program?