NEW – Effective Mar 21, 2020, MathPro offers Online Tutoring

Effectively immediately MathPro offers to conduct our Tutoring Service Online, both One-2-One and Small Group

  1. Online sessions to practice Social distancing
  2. Interactive learning between tutor and student
  3. Live video with previously assigned tutors to ensure continuity
  4. File Repository system for completed work and storage
  5. Task Management system to keep goals on track


One-2-One Awards Winning Approach:

  1. Goal-Oriented Customized 1-on-1 (true 1-to-1 ratio) Program
  2. Same tutor policy*
  3. No long-term contract (renewable 4-week payment cycle)
  4. Best matching tutor not based on luck but a multi-factorial metric system based individual profiling
  5. Progress Tracking – Proprietary digital progress reports with learning metrics delivering to parents and students
  6. Result – Boosting an average of 20% in 6 to 8 weeks
  7. All tutors are employees, not contractors

We have 65+ in-house tutors from diverse backgrounds, personalities and experiences

Our free initial consultation consists of:

  1. Profile Building (35-question interview)
  2. Goals Setting (Clear and measurable)
  3. Roadmap Planning (Identify timeline and the finish line)
  4. Best Tutor Matching (Assign regular tutor*)
  5. Progress Tracking with measurable metrics (Establish accountability)

*We don’t switch tutor unless regular tutor is away. Hence, a sub tutor will be brought in for one time.

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Our Awards Winning Program?