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coding +
3d printing summer camp

2019 Summer Projects

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stem focused

Using methodologies commonly used in Scientific, Technological, Engineering, and Mathematical fields, students learn about scientific approaches to solve problems and apply concepts

Code combat

The coding portion covers but not exclusive to the following topics: Basic Syntax Arguments, place game objects, construct mazes, create a playable, sharable game Use conditional statements/functions/parameters Use of Functions Use of Parameters, and basic input handling

3 classes in 1

Students learn how to program and design games in Python, design 3D models and print them with 3D printers, and learn about scientific concepts behind projects

fun and interactive

Our instructors led camps ensure highly interactive classes which provide a FUN, EDUCATIONAL, and ENRICHING environment to our students. Specifically designed for Grade 4 and above


SUMMER FULL-DAY CAMPS are offered in July and August, at all FOUR locations.
Specifically designed for Grade 4 and above

  • Each cohort is 1 week long
  • First cohort runs on July 2nd - July 5th
  • Last cohort runs on August 26 - August 30th
  • Class time: 9:00AM - 4:00PM

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Frequently asked questions

We normally have lunch breaks 12-1PM. There is no microwave or cooking utensil at our locations, so please have your child bring a sandwich or something that does not require heating or cooking. We are a NUT FREE environment.

You can drop off your children no earlier than 8:50AM, and no later than 4:05PM. 

NOTHING! All tools and materials will be provided in our camps.

These summer camps are group classes and specifically designed to build students’ knowledge progressively from Day 1 to Day 5. If your child is expected to miss a session, we do not accept cancellation or rescheduling but would be grateful if you can notify us.

Please call our main line (403)284-3111, or email us at

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