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Christina Leibel Druce

Posted On 2017-12-04


“Much to our surprise, the curriculum leap from Math 10-C to Math 20-1 was so significant that it unravelled our daughter’s confidence and self-esteem to the point where she found herself getting the lowest marks she had ever had in any subject after having near perfect scores the year before.
From the first contact, response times were very quick and every effort was made to get our daughter in for assessment and tutoring as fast as possible. Great care was made in matching her with the best tutor for her, and from the first session the tutor was excellent in understanding our daughter’s learning style, identifying and correcting gaps in learning and comprehension, and working to close the gaps and restore her confidence. We have seen very significant improvements in her marks, and she looks forward to her tutoring sessions and see’s it as a partnership in learning rather than an extension of school. We highly recommend MathPro.”