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Sandra Mazzolin Dodds

Posted On 2019-04-20


“My daughter has always struggled with math, just barely getting by with a passing grade in the low fifties. She dropped out of Math 30-2 after one week because she didn’t understand anything the teacher was saying. We later discovered she actually has a learning disability for math, and she felt there was no hope for her to ever complete Math 30-2. That’s what she needed to get into the college program she wanted. So far, she’s been with Mathpro for only a month, and for the first time, she’s feeling optimistic that she will not only pass, but also get the grade she needs for college admission. Her tutor is very understanding and patient with her, and she’s beginning to understand the “why” of the math, and not just memorizing formulas. The administrative staff and tutor keeps us right up to date on her progress for each session, and is helpful to find quick solutions if we need to make a change in the schedule. I’ve been very impressed with the professionalism of Mathpro. Their service is excellent and I highly recommend them to anyone.”