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Alberta & Ontario Curriculum

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Alberta Math

Math 10C
Math 10H
Math 10-3
Math 20-1
Math 20-2
Math 20-3
Math 30-1 (with Diploma Prep)
Math 30-2 (wtih Diploma Prep)
Math 30-3

AP Curriculum

Math 10 AP
Math 20 AP
Math 30 AP

IB Curriculum

Math 10 IB
Math 20 IB
Math 30 IB

Remote Learning:

Vista Virtual School
St. Anne Academy
All Math and Science subjects and levels


Science 10
Science 20
Science 30 (with Diploma Prep)


Chemistry 20
Chemistry 30 (with Diploma Prep)


Physics 20
Physics 30 (with Diploma Prep)


Biology 20
Biology 30 (with Diploma Prep)


All Math and Science subjects and levels

Chinook Learning

All Math and Science subjects and levels

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Ontario Math

Math 9 de-streamed (EQAO on Grd 9 curriculum)
Math 10 Academic (MPM2D)
Math 10 Applied (MFM2P)
Math 11 Functions (MCV3U)
Math 11 Functions and Application (MCF3M)
Math 12 Advanced Functions (MHF4U)
Math 12 Calculus & Vectors (MCV4U)
Math 12 Data Management (MDM4U)


Chemistry 11 (SCH3U)
Chemistry 12 (SCH4U, SCH4C)


Physics 11 (SPH3U)
Physics 12 (SPH4U, SPH4C)


Biology 11 (SBI3U, SBI3C)
Biology 12 (SBI4U)


Science 9 de-streamed
Science 10 Academic (SNC2D)
Science 10 Applied (SNC2P)

What our High School clients are saying ...

google reviews

John Enever

Posted On 2024-06-15


Would highly recommend the people at MathPro. Jack did an excellent work.

google reviews

Aishah Heywood

Posted On 2024-06-14


“My son Luke needed some help with Math 30-1 so he attended MathPro weekly. It definitely improved his grade. Luke really clicked with his tutor Joshua and found the sessions extremely helpful as he was able to pinpoint and address any specific problems Luke was having in the class. They were flexible with our schedule and communication was quick and easy. It was a very positive experience overall.

google reviews

Jamie Gair

Posted On 2024-06-05


“We are very happy with the level of tutoring our daughter received. Keno was attentive, encouraging and supportive. We saw a significant change in grades and confidence. Would highly recommend for math tutoring.”

Frequently asked questions

Despite the current COVID situation, we continue to provide In-Person tutoring. However, we are equally capable of delivering result-driven tutoring online. See our recent testimonials for details.

Unlike our competitors, all science tutors are educated and physically located in Calgary & Toronto. They speak PERFECT English. We have over 550+ outstanding testimonials to support our claims.

MathPro is the ONLY Award-Wining tutor in Calgary. Since 2016, we won over 20 industry and consumer awards. In 2020, we are awarded Top Choice Award, Consumer Choice Award, ThreeBest Awards, Best in Calgary and BBB A+.

MathPro is distantly LOCAL with LOCAL knowledge and an impeccable LOCAL track record. We have been serving Calgarians since 2004, helped thousands of Calgarians realize their potentials with 4 locations. We are not a franchise where your money goes to the franchiser with American curriculum based, factory-style materials repackaged as Semi-Canadian. NOT ALL MATHS ARE TAUGHT THE SAME WAY. We focus on the Alberta and Ontario Curriculum, our program is designed to reach your specific goals. We are the only tutoring company with 5 major local industry awards in 2020 and backed up by 550+ verifiable Testimonials. That’s our unique advantage.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t ask you to ‘buy bulk’. Selling discounted vouchers in proportion to volume purchase where the goal is to lure you to pay for more sessions than you truly need is undesirable, may be downright unethical. Volume purchase doesn’t make sense to us. It effectively locks-you-in by offering an imaginary discount. At MathPro, there are no long-term obligations. Sessions are renewable every 4 weeks. If we don’t meet your expectations, simply fire us. No argument. We believe the market is the best motivator. Tutoring frequency is jointly determined at the time of consultation. See the next section for more details.

Contact us by calling or filling out the inquiry form. 

We start the process with a free, no-obligation 3-steps consult which can be conducted in-person or online. 

Step 1 is to build a custom profile by asking the student between 20 to 50 questions, carefully identify academic standing, history, studying habits, learning style, personality, health status and other important aspects.
Step 2, we identify and set proper goals. Goals can be further divided into hard goals and soft goals. In comparison, the American franchises require students to fit their preset curriculum, while we do exactly the opposite. Our program is designed and orientated towards your goals (Alberta or Ontario Curriculum), and your goals alone. Unlike other tutoring programs, we teach the student how to learn with built-in exit strategies. Students are encouraged to wind off tutoring after goals are met. 
Step 3, we discuss timeline – how quickly you’d like to realize the improvements given the profile at hand. Some students demand substantial advances in the immediate future, while others prefer gradual improvements over longer periods of time.
Should you decided to give us a try, a compatible tutor based on profile matching will be assigned.
To keep tutors and students accountable, progress reports will be provided after EACH session.

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