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Hundreds of parents and students celebrating their success stories on BBBFacebook, Google Review, Yellowpages and Yelp. Since 2004, MathPro helped over 2000 students realized their full potentials.

We specialize in Customized, Individually Designed tutoring programs that go beyond basic homework assistance.

Our Approach:

  1. Goals driven proprietary Program
  2. Customized dedicated 1-on-1 (with true 1-to-1 ratio)
  3. We don’t switch tutor*
  4. No long-term obligations, No long-term contract (4-week payment cycle)
  5. Best matching tutor not based on luck but studying, teaching styles and personalities, etc.
  6. Progress Tracking – Proprietary digital progress reports with learning metrics delivering to parents and students
  7. Result – Boosting an average of 20% in 6 to 8 weeks
  8. All staff are employees, not contractors

We have 42 in-house tutors from diverse backgrounds.

Our free initial consultation consists of:

  1. Weaknesses identification
  2. Goals Setting (Clear and measurable)
  3. Roadmap Planning (Identify timeline and the finish line)
  4. Best Tutor Matching (Assign regular tutor*)
  5. Progress Tracking with measurable metrics (Establish accountability)

*We don’t switch tutor unless regular tutor is away. Hence, a sub will be brought in for one time with your approval.

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Catharina U

Posted on Yellowpages on May 30, 2017

MathPro came highly recommended to us and we were not disappointed. My son is taking Math 30 and needed some help in preparation for the diploma. We had an initial meeting where they take great care in understanding what your child’s needs are as well as there personality. This in order to match the tutor that would best work with him. We are very happy with his tutor and most importantly so is our son.

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Catharina Undheim

Posted on Google review on May 30, 2017

A friend of mine recommended I contact MathPro as she was very happy with what they had done for her 2 children. MathPro takes great care in understanding what your needs are and macthing you up with a tutor that will work well with your child based on knowledge and personality. As a parent you receive a report after each tutoring session from the tutor. We have seen improvements in my sons grades in Math 30 but more importantly he is more motivated!

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Shankari L.

Posted on BBB on May 25, 2017

Our daughter was doing in Math 30-2. I found Math Pro on the internet and met Ambrose with my daughter at the Math Pro office. Ambrose had a good discussion with regards to my daughter’s and her math scores and studying habits. After this meeting, Ambrose was able to match her with the right tutor. Now my daughter is more confident and no longer fears on doing her math homework. Chelsea in the office also constants touch base with me to discuss my daughter’s scores. There is also constant updates after every tutoring session to know my daughter’s progress. Math Pro has exceeded my expectations and has helped my daughter secure university admission.

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shankari LM

Posted on Google review on May 25, 2017

Starting tutoring with Mathpro has helped my daughter confidence in doing maths. She does not try to memorise the problem, but tries to understand the concepts.

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Posted on Yellowpages on May 25, 2017

Mathpro has helped my daughter to enjoy doing maths and understand the concepts instead of doing the sums as a chore. This institute has also helped her to structure her learning so that she will be able to succeed in future. Mathpro has been instrumental in improving her learning habits, increasing self-confidence, encouraging her to overcome her fear of maths. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for tutoring. Thanks

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Catharina U
Catharina Undheim
Shankari L.
shankari LM