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Success Stories

"... MathPro more than exceeded our expectations!"

What our clients say on BBB Reviews ...

bob c

Posted On 2020-07-08


“Math Pro is fantastic. They know their stuff and my son has really benefiting from it. They have helped him with Bio 30. I would highly recommend them. The tutor assigns homework and they go over at the next session. The fact that it is done by Zoom is convenient. All dealings with them from the initial phone call, registration and tutoring have exceeded our expectations!! I would highly recommend them.”

Melanie A.

Posted On 2020-05-18


“We were highly recommended Math Pro from several friends around Calgary. From the first phone call, the process was extremely professional and very pleasant and within a few days our daughter was meeting with her new tutor. Edward and his team truly care about helping their students and are very dedicated, creative and flexible when trying to find ways to help the students achieve their goals. It has been such a smooth and easy process and our daughter not only has improved her knowledge in math and sciences but she has truly enjoyed working with her tutor, gaining self-confidence in these subjects. We have tried several tutors through the years with our 3 children and nothing compares to the professionalism, expertise and dedication of Edward and his team. MathPro has exceeded our expectations from that first phone call and we highly recommend their services. Thanks again!”

Louisa Fung

Posted On 2020-04-25


“We contacted MathPro because my daughter was struggling with Physics 20 and Chem 30. They were very quick to respond, met with us and had tutoring sessions set up in less than a week. They matched her with a tutor that she found extremely helpful and her grades have improved significantly. She is now doing well in both classes. MathPro more than exceeded our expectations!”

Susan V

Posted On 2020-04-14


“My Son has been attending MathPro for 4 years and is now completing Grade 12. From our initial meeting with David and placement with a Tutor our experience has been fantastic. They are flexible with scheduling changes and respond immediately to any questions. My Son has never been strong in math and has shown improvement, and, has always wanted to go to his sessions because MathPro has always found someone who is a good fit for him. Wonderful experience!”

Simon D.

Posted On 2020-04-08


“Our daughter was struggling in grade 9 with MathPro we have seen a marked improvement and her confidence has improved significantly. The one on one tutoring has been wonderful and has worked. Very knowledgeable tutors.”

Marcello B

Posted On 2020-01-09


“We enrolled our eldest son in grade 12 in tutoring services provided by Mathpro for math 30-1. He has not been doing well in math 30 and has tried other tutors. While his first tutor (not mathpro) was a good tutor, explained things well, the difference, in my opinion, is that Mathpro helped our son pinpoint where his problems reside, before helping fix the problem. His tutor seems to be connecting well with our kid and we are seeing success. The owners of the business have been doing this for a long time and they have the process down to a science. There is very good communication between them, the student and us, the parents. They are clearly very knowledgeable in math and in the process of teaching. One of the owners is a math prof at the * ** * so also knows well what kids need to enter University. Overall, we are very happy with the service. It isn’t cheap, its likely at the top of any other competitors range, but if you have the means, you get what you pay for!”

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