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keep you informed

A comprehensive progress report is emailed to parents after every tutoring session. We want to keep you informed on WHAT was covered in a session, HOW the student performed, and IMPROVEMENTS student need to focus working on.
Tutor Comments: We covered geometric sequences today. She understands the core concepts such as how and when to use the formulas, and how to solve for all of the different parameters. Remember that population growth is dependent on time, not the reverse. Student has good fundamental understanding of topic. Good work.

participation rating

Student is assessed and rated at each tutoring session for their participation level. Parents get a sense on how well the student performed during session.
Willingness to Learn: 4 / 5 ; Focus: 4 / 5

extended learning

Student is sent home with additional practice questions, which will be evaluated in subsequent session and used for further review if applicable.
Assignment from last meeting: Completed - (Accuracy 70-85% Average); New Assignment : CONNECT Unit 5 Q1-5

school progress

We ask for school progress/marks via students or their school portals. This allows us to actively manage each student and keep parents on the same page at all times.
School Performance Tracking - Quiz - Reasoning with Angles and Triangles: 79%