Hiring Tutors

(Updated Sep 11, 2021)
MathPro Learning Centre is actively seeking applicants for Junior Tutor and Senior Tutor positions commencing immediately

We are hiring location-based tutors to conduct In-Person tutoring.


Available Positions

North (Crowfoot)011
North (41 Chelsea St NW)022
West (69 Street SW)5510
South (9705C Horton Rd SW)5510


All applicants must undertake written subject competency assessment tests.
Math 30-1 and Calculus (Math 31) assessments are mandatory for Junior and Senior positions.


Junior Tutor (Math30-1 & Calculus)

  • Competent in the subject of Mathematics (Math 30-1 Diploma level)
  • Competent in the subject of Calculus (Math 31 Grade 12 level)
  • 80% (B+ or above) standings in the relevant course(s)
  • Must possess a strong overall academic standing
  • Punctual, responsible, dependable, and mature
  • Submit 3 references (at the time of interview)
  • Must be passionate about teaching
  • Received junior or senior high education in North America
  • Provide most recent transcript
  • Provide high school transcript

Senior Tutor (Math 30-1, Calculus + Chemistry or Physics)

  • In addition to Junior Tutor requirements
  • Competent in the subject of Physics or Chemistry (Gr.12 Diploma Level)
  • With 1-year formal tutoring experienced (volunteer experience does not count)
  • Resume
  • Most Recent university transcript (print screen acceptable)
  • High school transcript (print screen acceptable)

Three references will be requested at the time of interview
Address to David Chan (Hiring Manager)
Applicant must provide/perform Police Information Check at applicant’s own cost.

All prospective tutors must undergo written competency assessment(s) of the subjects of which they wish to tutor
* Each workday/evening requires travel to one location only
** Must include high school (graduation year and high school name) related information
*** Junior tutor assessments (Math30-1 and Math 31 equivalent, Alberta curriculum)
**** Senior tutor assessments (Math 30-1 and Math 31 equivalent + 1-year tutoring experience + one of the following subjects)
  • Chemistry (Chemistry 30 or equivalent, Alberta Curriculum)
  • Physics (Physics 30 or equivalent, Alberta Curriculum)