Hiring Tutors

(Updated Nov 4, 2020)
MathPro Learning Centre is actively seeking applicants for Junior Tutor and Senior Tutor positions

Due to COVID, applicants must be equipped with a writing device for online tutoring.

We are hiring location-based tutors with the capacity to conduct online tutoring.

The positions are NOT for online-only tutors.


Available Positions

Location Junior*** Senior**** Total
North (Crowfoot) 2 2 4
North (41 Chelsea St NW) 4 3 7
West (69 Street) 3 5 8
South (9705C Horton Rd SW) 4 3 7

All applicants must undertake written internal subject competency assessment tests. Math 30-1 assessment test is mandatory for Junior and Senior positions.


Junior Tutor (Math30-1)

  • Competent in the subject of Mathematics (Math 30-1 Diploma level)
  • 80% (B+ or above) standings in the relevant course(s)
  • Must possess a strong overall academic standing
  • Punctual, responsible, dependable, and mature
  • Provide 3 references
  • Must be passionate about teaching
  • Received junior or senior high education in North America
  • Provide most recent transcript
  • Provide high school transcript

Senior Tutor

  • In addition to Junior Tutor requirements
  • Competent in the subject of Calculus or Physics or Chemistry (Gr.12 Diploma Level)
  • With 1-year formal tutoring experienced (voluntary experience does not count)
  • Resume
  • Most Recent university transcript (print screen acceptable)
  • High school transcript (print screen acceptable)

Three references will be requested at the time of interview
Address to Ambrose Lau (Managing Partner)
Applicant must provide/perform Police Information Check at applicant’s own cost.

All prospective tutors must undergo written competency assessment(s) of the subjects of which they wish to tutor
* Each workday/evening requires travel to one location only
** Must include high school (graduation year and high school name) related information
*** Junior tutor assessments (Math30-1 equivalent, Alberta curriculum)
**** Senior tutor assessments (Math 30-1 or equivalent + 1-year tutoring experience + one of the following subjects)
  • Chemistry (Chemistry 30 or equivalent, Alberta Curriculum)
  • Physics (Physics 30 or equivalent, Alberta Curriculum)
  • Calculus (Math 31 or equivalent, Alberta Curriculum)